Which is Better, Mivi or Boat?

Mivi or Boat.

Bluetoothprice.com always aims to provide you with the best information on every product. Due to many requests from our readers, we are now coming up with a new topic on comparing two famous Indian brands.
In this article, we will talk about Mivi and Boat brands.
Both are Indian brands that are famous for the manufacture of products like speakers, earphones and headphones. The quality of these brands is very good, which makes them a perfect choice for every customer in India.
As we mentioned above, both Mivi and Boat are good brands, so it is difficult to say which one is best, and the comparison depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Some people like the sound feature of Mivi but some like the sound quality of Boat. Similarly, some other features are valued by customers over other brands. So it is difficult to say which is best, the Mivi or the Boat.
However, we can compare these brands by considering some factors like reviews, customer support and warranty of both brands.

Comparison between earbuds of Mivi and Boat.

A large variety of earbuds is offered by both Mivi and Boat brands. These earbuds vary according to their range, features and price. Let’s take a look at some famous earbuds of both brands.

Mivi Earbuds

  • Mivi Duopods M20: These earbuds have a battery time of up to 28 hours and offer good sound quality. They feature Bluetooth connectivity of 5.0 and an IPX4 rating with touch controls.

Mivi Duopods M20

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  • Mivi Thunderbeats: The battery life of these earphones is up to 7 hours, and they offer a great quality of sound. Also, this product has in-line control with a rating of IPX4.

Mivi Thunder beats

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  • Mivi Collar Wireless Earphones: The playtime of these earphones is up to 10 hours with a Bluetooth connectivity of 5.0. Also, these are magnetic earbuds with in-line controls.

Mivi Thunder beats 12

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Boat Earbuds

  • Boat Airdopes 441: These are a perfect choice for boat users. They offer up to 30 hours of battery time with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. Also, the product is IPX7 water-resistant and has touch controls.

Boat Airdopes 441

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  • Boat Airdopes 131: The playtime of these earbuds is up to 15 hours. The product has touch controls with a water-resistant rating of IPX4. It offers a good and emerging sound quality to the users.

Boat Airdopes 131

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  • Boat Airdopes 281 Pro: The playtime of these earbuds is 6 hours with a Bluetooth connectivity of 5.0. It has an IPX5 water rating with touch controls.

Boat Airdopes 281 Pro

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Comparison between Boat Airdopes 141 and Mivi DuoPods A550.

1. Mivi DuoPods A550.

Mivi DuoPods A550

  • They are built up in good quality and matte design shades.
  • The better backup of these earbuds is better than Airdopes 141.
  • They have a feature of fast pairing.
  • Also, the product is IPX4 water-resistant.
  • The audio quality is good, with clear vocals.
  • They are charged in a fast time.
  • However, the sound is not as loud as Boat Airdopes 141.
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2. Airdopes 141.

Airdopes 141

  • The product is built up in a good matte design.
  • These Airdopes are easy to use and are light in weight.
  • There are several colours available for these earbuds.
  • The built quality of their case is better than the Mivi DuoPods A550.
  • It is best for gaming.
  • Their audio output is louder than A550.
  • The accessories are available in better condition than the A550.
  • There is a feature of fast charging in these earbuds.
  • However, the battery life of these earbuds is lower than the Mivi A550.
Check Latest Price:- Airdopes 141.

However, every person has their own choice. Some choose battery over audio, and some choose audio quality over the battery. And also, every product has its quality and price. So, always buy a product that meets your specific needs and budget. If we talk about Boat Airdopes and Mivi DuoPods, both are good for those who like good quality sound and a better-gaining experience with a fast-changing feature. Also, the price for both earbuds is affordable for everyone. But we would

Like to recommend the Boat Airdopes 141 over the Mivi DuoPods A550 for the following reasons.

They are lightweight and have softer ear tips.

Better call quality and the best gaming experience.

The built quality of their case is better than Mivi DuoPods A550.

But you will not be disappointed buying Mivi DuoPods A550 because both are good in use. You can buy these earbuds by using these links.

A Look at features of Mivi and BoAt products.

As mentioned earlier, we can’t say Mivi or Boat, which are better earbuds.
This is because the use of these products depends on the user’s choice. Some people like to use them for gaming, and others for calling or listening to music. But, we can compare their features which gives you an idea to choose the best one for you. So, let’s take a look.

Sound Quality.

Audio quality is an outstanding feature of every earphone. Everyone would like to have the best audio quality for their earphones, headphones or earbuds. As we don’t collaborate with BoAt or Mivi brands, so we always provide you with the best information regarding these products only after our personal use. In this paragraph, we will talk about the sound quality of these brands.
Drivers range from 8mm to 15mm in these brands, which increases the sound quality of their products.
However, the audio quality depends on the model of earbuds, earphones and headphones. Here, we will talk about the sound quality of BoAt Airdopes 141 and Mivi DuoPods A550.

BoAt Airdopes141: Offers great sound quality with the help of 8mm drivers. The audio is filled with amazing bass and crystal-clear vocals. Also, you will have a better call experience after using boAt Airdopes 141.

Mivi DuoPods A550: The drivers of 13mm provide a crystal clear sound with better bass, but the audio is lower than BoAt Airdopes 141. Moreover, the audio is distortion-free and has clear vocals. You can use them for listening to your favourite music as the bass quality is the best. But, if you are using these earbuds for watching movies, then you will not get good sound quality.

Gaming Quality: Both Mivi and boAt offer a wide range of gaming earphones and headphones. There are some things that gamers ensure before buying a pair of headphones or earphones. Let’s take a look at the features of both Mivi and BoAt products.

Audio: The audio quality of both brands is very good for gaming. However, the size and quality of drivers may be different from one another.

Microphone: There is a built-in microphone in the products of both Mivi and boAt. This microphone provides crystal-clear communication during gaming.

Noise Cancellation: There is a feature of ANC in the products of both Mivi and boAt. This feature reduces the background noises and enhances the gaming experience.

Compatibility: The earphones and headphones of Mivi and boAt are compatible with PC, Xbox, PlayStation and mobile devices. 

Overall, the products of both Mivi and boAt are built with a high-quality design and great features. The choice depends on personal preferences such as design and pricing.

Battery Life: There are various earphones and headphones of Mivi and boAt that come with different battery backups. Let’s compare the battery backup of both Mivi and boAt.

MiviThe battery backup of Mivi products is different from each other. One of Mivi’s products, Mivi Thunderbeats, has a battery backup of up to 7 hours, and Mivi Saxo headphones have a battery backup of 17 hours. Also, the battery backup of Mivi’s portable speakers, such as Roam 2, is up to 24 hours. And the backup of all the products is on a single charge.

BoatThere are various headphones, earphones and speakers or boAt with other battery backups. Such as, the battery backup of boAt Airdopes 441 is 5 hours. The battery backup of boAt Rockerz 400 headphones is up to 8 hours. And if we talk about the battery backup of speakers, they also offer good battery life, such as the battery life of BoAt Stone 200 is 10 hours on a single charge.
Overall, the battery backup depends on some factors like; the setting of the device and usage of the product. However, the battery backup of Mivi products is longer than boAt products. So, if you want to get a product with a high battery backup, then choose Mivi over BoAt.

Level of Comfort: The comfort level is the main thing that everyone notices before buying a headphone or a pair of earphones. No matter what, the product has several features and doesn’t contain any comfort level. If there is no comfort in using a pair of earphones or headphones, it will be a waste. There are several people who claim that TWS products are comfortable, and some say that they are very comfortable. Have you ever noticed why this happens? It happens because not everyone has the same size of ears. Those who say that the TWS products are comfortable to have a size of ears according to the product, and the rest don’t have a matching ear size. So, always buy a product that perfectly suits your ear size.
However, let me talk about the comfort level of Mivi and boAt products.
Mivi and boAt prioritize comfort level before manufacturing a product because it is the main thing users see. The Boat offers products that have a deep level of comfort and extended usage. There are soft padded ear cushions in the headphones of boAt that provide deep comfort to the users. And the speakers of boAt have a carry handle, that’s why they are easy to carry from one place to another.
On the other hand, Mivi also offers products with a great comfort level. The earbuds of Mivi are structured in an ergonomic design that perfectly fits in the ears. The neck bands of Mivi are flexible and easily fit around the neck. Moreover, the headphones of Mivi have soft padded ear cushions that provide a deep level of comfort to the ears.
Overall, both brands offer a deep level of comfort in their products, but the actual comfort depends on some factors like; the shape and size of the ears of the user, usage duration and the material used in the product.


Overall, both Mivi and Boat offer a wide range of products like earphones, headphones, earbuds and speakers. The products of both brands are very good and built with unique and elegant designs. They vary in features like; battery backup, audio quality, IPX ratings, charge time and comfort level. In the end, after researching and testing both brands, we are now able to make a comparison between these brands. So, the audio output of BoAt products is louder than that of Mivi, and the battery backup of Mivi products is greater than BoAt.
The main thing about TWS is their comfort level. Both brands prioritize comfort before manufacturing products. So, the products of Mici and boAt are comfortable and easy to use.
Further, if you have any questions about Mivi and boAt, you can talk to us freely.
Stay Happy and Stay Blessed.

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