What is the price of a Finger neckband?

Price of a Finger Neckband?

In this era, there is a lot of demand for audio products. These products include earphones, headphones and speakers. People use these audio products for various purposes. The headphones and earphones are used for going to the gym, walking and some work purposes. Also, people use headphones for playing games and podcasting. There is an excellent role of headphones in podcasting. Podcasting is not done without a pair of headphones. There are two categories of headphones and earphones. One is wireless or Bluetooth, and the other one is wired. But keep in mind that wireless and Bluetooth are not the same. There is a little bit of difference in this category. However, the main function is to transmit sound from audio devices to human ears.

Price of a Finger neckband

Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for wireless gadgets because they provide a deep level of comfort while in use. But, wireless products’ audio quality and mic performance are not so good. They cause some distortion while in use. That’s why gamers and podcasts use wired headphones and earphones.

However, all these things are on one side. Let’s take a look at Bluetooth Price Website neckbands.

Bluetooth earphones are known as neckbands. These are designed according to neck style. That’s why they are called neckbands. Several companies manufacture Bluetooth neck bands, like BoAt, Sony, Conekt, and OnePlus.

At Bluetooth price, you can see the beat neck bands of all these companies according to your range. They are available with complete details and benefits with prices and reviews.

In this article, we are going to talk about one another brand that manufactures Bluetooth neckbands.

That brand is named Fingers. There are plenty of neckbands that are manufactured by this company. The price of these neckbands varies accordingly. Mainly the prices depend on the model and features of a neckband. You can see the prices and features of the Fingers neckbands on the official website of Fingers or Amazon.

Products of Fingers.

Following are the products that are manufactured by Fingers.

  • Headsets
  • Speakers
  • Earphones/Neckbands
  • Accessories of mobiles
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Mic
  • Graphic Tablets

products of finger

Following are the products of Fingers. But, the main focus of this company is to provide the best quality earphones and headphones. As we know, there is a lot of demand for earphones and headphones in this era. The earphones and headphones of Fingers are not so famous yet, but they are good and built with a unique and elegant design. Also, they come in different colours and shapes that look cool.

Are Fingers headphones good?

Are Fingers headphones good?

Headphones are in demand nowadays, that’s why several companies manufacture these headphones. In this article, we are going to share our thoughts and experience on one good brand that manufactures these headphones. That brand is named Fingers.
Now, we are going to talk about the quality of headphones that are manufactured by Fingers.
The headphones of Fingers are very good and have several features and benefits. They vary in different price.
The battery backup of these wireless headphones is very good and amazing. The battery timing depends on the model of the headset, but the normal battery timing lasts for two hours. On the other hand, the main thing about every audio product is its sound quality. If we talk about the sound quality of Fingers headphones, they come with good sound quality and great bass. Their sound is very good and can be enjoyed by every person. The built-up quality of Fingers headphones is very good because they are built in unique and elegant designs that look cool.
Some headphones have a function of use while charging that is very good.

Check out fingers Neckbands, Headsets, Earbuds, etc. at Amazon. 

Is Fingers an Indian brand?

Yes, Finger is an Indian brand that is renowned in India. It is India’s most innovative brand of digital accessories, with a range of 90+ products in 23 categories.
It is founded by Saloni Sandeep Parasrampuria, and the CEO of Fingers is Mr. Sandeep Parasrampuria.
Fingers is an Indian company which only dreams of making good quality products for Indian people.
It is started by an Indian person to provide quality technology to every person in India.
It manufactures headsets, speakers, earphones/neckbands, mobile accessories etc. But the main mission of Fingers is to provide good quality audio products to the people of India.
The products of Fingers are crafted with full attention and love by a dynamic team.
Below is the chart list of Fingers.

pie chart


  • Products in the world First time = 6
  • In India =14
  • Categories = 23
  • Products = 100+
  • Sold Products = 7.5M+

Fingers neckband reviews.

Everyone wants to see the reviews of products before buying them. These products may include neckbands, headphones, mobile accessories, mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets that are used in daily life.
You are here to see the reviews of neckbands manufactured by Fingers.
As it is an Indian brand, the products manufactured by this company are good. But sometimes they cause problems as everything in the world is not perfect.
You can go and check the reviews of Fingers neck bands on Amazon or Flipkart. Or you can check the reviews directly from the Fingers’ official website.


Audio products are used in a wide range in this walking world. People use these products for different purposes. But the main purpose of these audio products is listening to music. These products have different functions and features, but the main function is to transmit sound from mobile devices to human ears.

Numerous companies manufacture these audio products, including BoAt, Sony, OnePlus, and Conekt.

In this article, we talked about one other brand named Fingers. It is an Indian brand that manufactures good-quality headsets and earphones. You can check the reviews of these headsets and neckbands from Amazon or Flipkart.

Furthermore, if you face any difficulty and have any queries related to Fingers products, you can talk to us freely. Our team will reach you soon and solve your problems.

Good Bye and see you next time.

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