Is mivi a good brand?

About Mivi

Mivi is an Indian brand that manufactures audio products like earphones, headphones, duopods, and smartwatches. We know that in this era, there is a lot of popularity for earphones and headphones. Also, people would like to wear smartwatches on their wrists. Nowadays, new designs of watches are in the unique and good-looking market. These watches are known as TWS watches. 

Whatever, here we will talk about a brand that manufactures watches, Bluetooth earphones, and so on. Yes, the name of that brand is MiviIt manufactures different products that can be used worldwide. Although it is an Indian brand, it is very famous in India. You can shop for speakers, chargers, earphones, and soundbars from Mivi. You can shop these products online either from Amazon or directly from the Mivi website. The head office of Mivi is located in Hyderabad. If you have any concerns or difficulties regarding the products of Mivi, you can contact them through the website or go to their office. 

However, Mivi is a very good brand, and the products like earphones, duopods, and smartwatches manufactured by Mivi are very good. You can find these products very beneficial for you as they are not so expensive. Meanwhile, if you want a good Bluetooth gadget in an affordable range, you must visit the Mivi store first. The products of Mivi are very comfortable for the users as they are made up of unique and elegant material. Moreover, you can see several designs in the products of Mivi. You can select and buy your favourite design from the store. Also, the audio products have several features like noise cancelling, IPX ratings, and built-in microphones. These features increase the value of these products and also attract customers. Because people always buy those things that are affordable and provide them with different features. Bluetooth Price always finds most greatest gadgets for you from the searches of e-commerce sites.  



Is Mivi an Indian company?

Yes, Mivi is an Indian brand that manufactures audio products. In India, there is a lot of demand for Bluetooth products like earphones and headphones. For this purpose, there are a lot of brands in India that manufacture these Bluetooth gadgets, such as earphones, headphones, earbuds, etc. But one of the best brands for these products is Mivi. It manufactures several bluetooth products that come in several shapes and colours. The Bluetooth earphones of Mivi come with noise cancelling and other features that make them unique. 

Hence, it is an Indian brand that is popular in India, and its products are affordable to Indians. check more products from our website Bluetooth Price.

Is Mivi an Indian  company?

How to use Mivi earphones?

Earphones are of two types. Wired and wireless. The wireless earphones are called bluetooth earphones. Hence, we are talking about Mivi. So we will tell you how to use Mivi earphones. The use of Mivi earphones is just like other earphones. The wired earphones can be used easily, and the wireless can be used with some success. Meanwhile, if you are using wired earphones, it will be easy for you, and if you want to use wireless earphones, it won’t be easy because they need to be connected before use. 

How to use mivi earphones?


To use wired earphones, follow these steps.

  • Pick up the Mivi earphones from the box.
  • Pick the jack at the back of the earphones and put the jack into the jack of your mobile.
  • There is a sign at the top of your mobile that indicates the connection of the earphones.
  • Now, the earphones are ready to use on your mobile.
  • Enjoy using your Mivi earphones.
  •  To use wireless earphones, follow these steps.
  • Pick the Mivi earphones from the box.
  • Press and hold the MFB button of the Mivi earphones.
  • Enable Bluetooth from your mobile’s settings.
  • Click on ready to pair and hit connect.
  • The earphones shall be connected to your mobile in a few seconds.
  • After connection, enjoy using your Mivi earphones.

How to connect Mivi Duopods?

Several people buy the DuoPods of Mivi but don’t know how to connect them with mobile and other devices. To connect Mivi DuoPods to mobile, just follow these steps.

  How to connect Mivi Duopods 1

  • Open the box of Mivi.
  • Pick up the DuoPods from the box.
  • Open your mobile setting and enable blue tooth.
  • Search for the available devices and tap on Mivi DuoPods on founding.
  • Tap on DuoPods to connect.
  • On pairing, you will hear the sound of pairing on the pods.
  • After connection, enjoy using your Mivi DuoPods.

How to reset Mivi DuoPods?

Resetting happens when the earbuds are not working properly. The majority of people don’t know how to reset the DuoPods of Mivi. But we are here to help you, and we will tell you the research t procedure of Mivi DuoPods. All you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Put the earbuds in the charging case. 
  • After they start charging, touch and hold the touchpad.
  • You have to keep the touchpad for 10 seconds.
  • After it, a blue light starts blinking.
  • This blue light indicates that your DuoPods are reset.    

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Mivi company valuation.


Mivi Customer Care No. 80999 73333


  • 80999 73333 (For Customer Support, Mon-Sat, 10:30am-6:30pm)
  • 040-3956 4567 (For Shipping & Delivery)


Mivi is an Indian brand that is very famous in India. It manufactures several bluetooth products for Indians. These products include earphones, earbuds, and smartwatches. Mivi is a good brand on the list of the best Bluetooth brands in India.
The products of Mivi include ANC and IPX ratings with built-in microphones. In the above article, we have talked about the use of Mivi earbuds, and also we talked about the connecting method of these earbuds. Also, there is a resetting method for Mivi earbuds in this article.
Furthermore, you can talk to us freely if you have queries regarding Mivi earbuds. We will help you in every way.



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