Bluestone aquas earbuds

Bluestone Aquas Earbuds.

Bluestone Aquas Waterproof TWS earbuds.

Bluetooth earbuds are in demand, and there are several companies that manufacture these earbuds. These earbuds can be used for several tasks like going to the gym, work, exercise, etc. Various companies are working to make these earbuds and for the progress of these earbuds. In this article, we are going to talk about bluestone aquas earbuds. These earbuds are designed for active lifestyles. These earbuds come with several features and benefits. They can be used for various things like working, going to the gym, running, etc. These are water-resistant and can be used during workouts and other physical activities. There is a charging case in the earbuds of Bluestone and accessible touch control, which makes them easy and straightforward to use. There are built-in microphones in these earbuds which allow calls and other talk features. Several colours and designs are available for bluestone aquas earbuds, and they can be connected to your device via Bluetooth. To get more information, you can check the website

Bluestone AQUAS True Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case.

Bluestone AQUAS True Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case.

These are the best wireless earbuds of Bluestone that have several features and benefits for users. These earbuds have a charging case that can help recharge these earbuds. These are water-resistant earbuds and can be used during work out. Noise isolating function is enabled in these earbuds. Meanwhile, you can’t listen to other noises during use. The Bluetooth technology of these earbuds is 5.0, which allows a fast and secure connection. Also, the earbuds have a feature of auto-pairing with already paired devices. There is a display of these earbuds on a small LED which shows the remaining battery life. Also, this display looks relaxed and elegant. Moreover, the playtime of these earbuds is up to 3 hours with a range of more than 60 feet.
Overall, these earbuds are perfect to use with easy controls.


  • 3 hours of playtime.
  • Charging case.
  • LED Display.
  • Range of 60 feet.
  • Waterproof.
  • 90 days warranty.

What’s in the box:

  • Wireless earbuds.
  • Charging cable.
  • Extra silicon tips.
  • Charging case with LED display.

Bluestone TWS9 AQUAS True Wireless Earbuds User Manual.

Bluestone TWS9 AQUAS True Wireless Earbuds User Manual.

Following is the user manual of Bluestone True Wireless earbuds.

Case Charging:

  • Input the USB cable into the port of the case. 
  • The indicator will blink, and it starts charging.
  • On fully charged, the LED displays 100.

Earbuds Charging:

  • Input the earbuds into the charging case, and they will start charging. Make sure your charging case is charged.
  • The red light will blink from the earbuds.
  • The light will turn off automatically when the earbuds are fully charged.

The pairing of Earbuds:

  • Hold the multifunction button of the earbuds.
  • The pairing light will start blinking until the earbuds are displayed on your mobile’s Bluetooth menu.
  • When the earbuds display on your mobile, click on your earbud’s name, Aquas.
  • Wait some seconds, and your earbuds will be paired with your mobile device.
  • Enjoy using your Bluetooth earbuds.
  • A multifunction button can control the shutdown, on-off, and volume control.
  • If your earbuds are paired with your mobile, then just tap the multifunction button next time, and your earbuds will be connected automatically to your mobile. 

Pair a single earbud:

  • The pairing of a simple earbud is similar to other pairings.
  • To pair, hold the multi-function button for some seconds, and it will start blinking.
  • Open your mobile’s Bluetooth and look for Aquas.
  • After finding it, click on Aquas and wait some seconds.
  • Your earbud shall be paired and connected with your device.
  • On a successful connection, enjoy using your Bluestone Aquas earbuds.
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Call us:

  • Firstly, connect these earbuds to your mobile.
  • Make a call from your mobile interface and enjoy your calls.
  • If you want to receive an incoming call, just tap the multi-function button once.
  • If you’re going to deny a call, then click the multi-function button twice, and it shall reject your call successfully.

Music Use:

  • Connect the earbuds to your mobile and play a song from your mobile.
  • The music will play on your mobile.
  • You can use a multifunction button to play-pause your music.
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How to turn off the earbuds:

  • Just press the multi-function button of the earbuds for 5 or 6 seconds, and the red light will start blinking.
  • After it, the earbuds are disconnected from your device and turned off.

.Important measures:

  • Always use the earbuds for their intended use.
  • Keep the earbuds away from heat, sunlight, water, humidity, and other liquid. The earbuds will not be exposed due to high temperature, but it affects the battery. 
  • If the earbuds are wet or moist, don’t use them because doing so can cause electric shock in your ears.
  • Also, never use the product if it is damaged or destroyed.
  • Permanently repair the product from a guaranteed and good electrician.
  • It is not a toy and keeps it away from children.
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Bluestone is a trademark of SM TEK GROUP INC. They made several Bluetooth products. In the above article, we have talked about blue stone aquas earbuds. These earbuds come with several features and benefits in an affordable range. The Bluetooth earbuds are structured in a unique and beautiful design. The above Bluestone TWS9 AQUAS True Wireless Earbuds have a LED display that looks cool and elegant. These are water-proof and can be used during workouts. The playtime of these earbuds is perfect, and a built-in mic can be used for calls and gaming.

Moreover, other features of these earbuds are beneficial for everyone. All the parts and user manuals of Bluestone earbuds are mentioned above. You can read the user manual, which will be helpful for you. Further, if you have any queries related to Bluestone earbuds, just comment; our team will reach you soon.
Stay Happy and Stay Blessed.

Frequently asked questions.

1: Are Bluestone Aquas earbuds waterproof?

Ans: Blue stone Aquas earbuds are waterproof and can be used during workouts.

2: How to pair BlueStone Aquas earbuds?

Ans: To pair Bluestone Aquas earbuds, just hold down the Multi-function button on these earbuds for 5 seconds, and they should be paired with your mobile device.

3: What is the standby time of Bluestone Aquas earbuds?

Ans: The standby time of these earbuds is 120 hours; meanwhile, they can last for 120 hours continuously.

4: What is the charge time of Bluestone Aquas earbuds? 

Ans: These earbuds usually take 2 hours to charge. Meanwhile, only 2 hours are necessary to charge the earbuds and charging case.

5: How to turn Off Bluestone earbuds?

Ans: To turn off these earbuds, hold the multi-function button of these earbuds for 5-6 seconds. The red light starts blinking, and the earbuds shall turn off.



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